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2 reviews for Ksmorz

  1. Sungrowncultivator

    In short- absolute unit
    Detailed- Ksmorz is a gas lovers dream. Typically pull more of a sour gas funk somewhat GG like but loud and sharp. To put it simply a high yielding, tight node stacking, heavy nose packing, trichome producing, vigorous, while maintaining a shorter-medium sized frame. She is the best OG gas producer for tent grows and is well suited for indoor, outdoor, tents, green house, deps. You name it and she will do it.
    She is both a amazing washer and flower smoker on average pulling buds that taste great.
    My personal keeper is a bit of a unicorn sporting large plump spear shaped buds and longer then average node spacing but it produces greasy sour kerosene nugs that washes well over expected returns mostly hitting 90u

  2. Royalresins

    Ksmorz is fire dense hard flowers What the flavor and stone to match Don’t sleep on this fire

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