Hot Lava

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Mother: Scott’s OG

Father: PCS1

Family: 80/20 Indica

Sex: Regular

Growing Conditions: Mutli-topped bush

Height: Medium

Flowering Time: 63-70 days

Yield: Medium-Heavy

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1 review for Hot Lava

  1. Sungrowncultivator

    Hotlava is a longer and lanky girl on average with a selections here and thier that show tight node spacing.
    If you grow in a tent or worry about length in general you should consider somthing else, but, if that’s not a issue she’s a strong go too.
    Terps can be best described as gas, in my selections the average seem to be sour gas and raw tk-esk gas, with even some unique selections including surfaces of lemon pinsol too creamy. But it’s always gas with strong glandular head development.
    Perfect for outdoor growers who want a OG that finishes well under the sun.
    Only cons with her is the lower yields on the more lanky finds and her transitional strech that can throw you off if not prepared.

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