Honey Tree

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Ghost Trees x PCS1

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2 reviews for Honey Tree

  1. turbeezy

    OGKB but better. Doughy Gas ⛽🔥

  2. Sungrowncultivator

    A washer with the pallet suited for doughy gas will find thier match with these.
    Short and sqaut OG too petite larger yielding OGKB structure on average.
    My personal keeper does well with both washing and flower but on average she’s your go to strictly for FF melts.
    Sporting some of the larger heads I’ve seen on a plant [on average] with a average nose of OGKB-unique doughy gas. Ghost trees seems to take over the nose on most the girls you will find and that’s not a bad at all.
    Yield is heavy and she’s short and strong with tighter spacing perfect for any grow room. However, while being a great hash plant I don’t recommend it as much for outdoor. It turns out fire but with outdoor girls that thick development can lead to a higher likely hood of seeing bud rot internally and will need to be defoliated to hell baring a few exceptions in selection.
    Overall if your looking for heavy yielding washer. This girls for you

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