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Fire x PCS2

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  1. Sungrowncultivator

    Currently in my grow rn.
    Week 7/10
    These girls are insane, already showing prominence for being my favorite in the line up.
    6 females out of 9 seeds, 5 kept for my personal grow.
    Overall very vigorous and responsive. Lower temps ranging from 62-68 degrees and the girls are loving it.
    Trichome are large and juicy. Resin railed leaves with some caked tip to knuckle.
    Buds themselves are more of a 50/50 split ranging from either chem or Fire cut formation. Petit, rock tight spears and chunks too more of that large chem/sour build.
    The terps on one may or may not be a “unicorn” sporting more of a juicy fruit bubble gum surface with a back of floral chem gasoline funk. Really unique girl.
    On average they all seem to either be pulling a more chem dom sour funk or throwing out that fire cut sour kerosene.
    Build wise you can get some of strech as any OG progeny can, but it seems less common appearing in 1/5 that is considerably stacked for OG. With a build showing off 3in gaps of air between the sets, however, most in the garden are throwing tops that are just chunked up with no gap at all a few sets up.
    She has everything you can want from the pcs2 line up. Short-moderate strech, OG/chem nose, large glandular heads and amazing trichome coverage, a decent yield by the looks
    Only caveat is the longer flower cycle at 10 weeks and for anyone who worries about smell a carbon filter is 100% necessary. I don’t rock one and I can smell these from my driveway.
    A solid cultivar for any garden ESPECIALLY tent growers who want more traditional fire gas and chem sour funk.

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